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Toll Free Number 1-800-726-Global (456225) / (702) 240-9700.
Business Financial Lending
Minimum Loan Amount
$50 Million US Dollars
To those who are qualified-No Limit-
For Larger Amount.



We are here to provide solution to your financial needs and goals realization in making your business thrive in the 21st Century. 
We specialize in Commercial  Intelligence, Mega  Project Developments, Creating Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Research, Analysis, Evaluations, Business Office Developments, Negotiations, New  Product  Developments, Product  Distributions, Marketing &  Development,  High  Level  Contacts, Destination  Resorts, Casinos, and  many  more. 
Experienced professionals knowledgeable in every facet of financial lending will take care all your inquiries and identity with high level of confidentiality.  

Team and associates with over 65 years of experience in various levels of businesses. Some are retired Intelligent Agencies, Industrial Corporation Owners, Diplomats, Member of Masonice Orders, Presidents of Rotary International (Paul Harris Fellows), all with highest esteem international contacts and decision makers! With integrity, experience, expertise and excellence!
Contact us today at the numbers available below to find out what makes us stand out from the competition!  
Thank you for your business.

M.I. Khan

For Pre-Qualification, Please submit the following:
  1.  Official  Letterhead  with  the  signature  of  the President/CEO 
  2. Executive Summary - (no  more  than two  pages) 
  3. Business  Plan  
  4. Feasibility  Study 
  5. M.A.I.  (Member Appraisal Institute) Report  (Internationally  accepted  Certificate  of  Raw  Land/ and  or  completed  projects value for  construction / Development  Projects, part  of  loan  guarantee  for  value).   
Prepared  in  Hard  Copies  and  Supporting  Materials, Endorsements, Brochures  etc.
We  don't  charge  anything  upfront or any retainer's fee until  Loans  commitment  paid  in full  through  Escrow,  other than a flat fee of 2% processing will be applied to the loan regardless of the amount after the loan is approved. 
       Only complete and valid applications will be accepted.  


Taking Your
To A New
Strictly Qualified and Serious Inquries only. Only Complete and Valid Applications will be accepted.  

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We are not the direct lender. Applicants will deal with lenders directly after thorough screening of submitted documentation. Not all applications may qualify nor guaranteed a loan approval based on the documents submitted. Intensive screening of documents and its entity will be strictly implemented. Lender terms and conditions, and other restrictions may apply. Processing fees and other charges may apply once the project is submitted for process.
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