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American Management Consulting Services, LLC
American Management Consulting Services, LLC
Tel: (702) 987-6001 Fax: (702) 987-3225
Provides a Full Range of Management Consulting Services for Limited and Full Service Hotels. We offer Key Support and Direction for Every Aspect of Hotel Management to Maximize Optimum Performance and Profitability.
At American Management Consulting Service our Role is to Assist the Hotel Ownership to Maximize the Return on their Investments, through the Implementation of Solid Management Practices, Innovative Sales and Marketing Programs, Extensive Staff Training, Establishment of Effective Cost Control Systems and Efficient Operational Systems.
We bring in a Unique and Tailored approach to each of Our Consulting Projects. Our Highly Trained Group of Hospitality Professionals has Extensive Experience with All Types of Properties and in All Phases of Hotel Business. Our Resources and Capabilities can be allotted and directed to meet the special needs of each ownership in the Most Cost Efficient and Effective Manner. Our Consulting Services are Available as a Complete Package or Individually Tailored to Specific Projects or Operations.
In depth objective Assessment of Existing Operational and Organizational Methodology and Practices. Report Findings on Service, Revenue and Profit Improvement Recommendations.
  • Evaluation of Staff and Identification of Specific Training Needs.
  • Assessment of Effectiveness of Existing Sales and Marketing Strategies.
  • Thorough Review of Accounting Practices and Internal Cost Controls.
  • Food and Beverage Positioning, Inventory and Labor Cost Controls review.
  • Evaluation of Yield Management and
  • Revenue Enhancement Opportunities.
  • Analysis of Existing Departmental Staffinf, Polices, Procedures and Systems.
  • Review Options and Brand Alternatives to meet the Needs of the Specific Property.
  • Evaluate the Property's Characteristics to determine the most Appropriate Chain Affiliation.
  • Assist in Securing Branding and Marketing Alliances.
  • Coordinate Contract Negotiations.
  • Development and Implementation of Customized Sales Marketing Plan, Departmental Organization and Direction.
  • Revenue Improvement/Yield Management Program, Customer Service.
  • Customized Comprehensive Staff Training Programs for All Departments including Training Aids and Checklists.
  • Preparation of Policies and Procedures of All Departments.
  • Accounting Practices, Controls and Efficiency Audit.
  • Food and Beverage Operations, Profitability, Inventory and Cost Controls, Maximizing Revenue for Facilities.
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs for Housekeeping and Engineering.
  • Human Resources Practices, Procedures, Labor Laws, Recruitment.
  • Quality Assurance Program.
  • Technical Assistance with Internet Connections and Marketing.
  • Review and Recommendation on Equipment, Systems and Supplies.




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