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Our Team
American Management Consulting Services, LLC
M. Ismail Khan, Ph.D.
With years of experience in business communities throughout the world, Dr. Khan held several key positions in the United States, Europe, Asia and The Gulf region. The various projects that he has handled have included; the management of full-service Hotels, Universities, Hospitals, Online trading companies, Management companies and the Tour & Travel Industry.
Dr. Khan held positions within Convention and Visitors Bureaus and Chambers of Commerce. He has proven expertise in Public Relations, Sales and Marketing, Consulting and Management. Dr. Khan’s travels around the world have afforded him the opportunity to increase his knowledge of the global markets and its various economies.
Dr. Khan’s love of travel has built allies here in the US and abroad. His appreciation of the value of hard work, as well as his business expertise and excellent Public Relations skills have allowed him to assist several successful businesses around the world. By realizing the challenges of owning and managing a business in this very competitive business environment, he established American Global Business, Inc. (AGBI) and American Management Consulting Services, LLC (AMCS). He is realizing his vision of providing the very best and successful professionals in the industry, to your business. With the latest in today’s cutting edge technology, he is offering and making his expertise available to your business. We welcome you to AGBI and AMCS; we will take your business to a new horizon.

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