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Professional Services
American Management Consulting Services, LLC

We Offer the following Professional Services:   

Business Plan · Feasibility Reports · Research · Research, Analysis & Evaluations · Competitive Analysis · Public Relations · Marketing · Promotions · E-Commerce · Multi-Media Advertisements · Property Business Management · Global Corporation Formations

Starting  a company,  raising investment money,  a business loan, create a business plan or managing an existing business?

We offer a plan that fits your exact business needs!

Simple, No Hassle!

Just provide us the following information enumerated below. 

 We'll create it for you!
  • Contact Person's Name/Title  
  • Company's Name 
  • Company's Address
  • Contact Numbers (Work,Cell, Fax, Email, Website & Other)
  • Write a brief introduction of your company
  • Describe the nature of your industry
  • Objectives      
  • Mission
  • What you Sell (Describe the products or services you offer)
  • Your Market (Describe your target market, Main Competitors, Market Growth and Trends)
  • Company Ownership (Name and describe the key members of your company and total number of employees)
We may require Management profiles for all owners and key employees education, past accomplishments and qualifications.




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